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Please Note:  Royal Mail is experiencing an issue with sending mail outwith the UK, and as a result I am unable to post any parcels outwith the UK too.  If you are happy to place your order and then wait until the service resumes, then please do.  I will not, however, post any parcels abroad until Royal Mail once again accept parcels for abroad.  But I will keep your order safely until that time.  This is very frustrating but is completely out of my control.  Thank you.


The new Ripples Crafts Tote Bags are now in stock.  Big enough to hold a large project or several small ones. 

Helen, and the Ripples Crafts dye shed are ideally located on the North Coast 500 driving route, so if you are driving this route and what to see what the dye shed looks like, get in touch.


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